IdeaStorm Creative Studio is the freelance work of Alex Asfour, a designer and illustrator with a passion for all things art, design, and travel.

Here I work on a various types of client work and personal projects. My client work includes illustrated posters, editorial assignments, book/magazine covers, infographics, packaging, and other commissioned jobs. My most popular work, a series of illustrated travel posters, have been featured on various websites and blogs around the world.

I love working with other creative people and fun brands, so be sure to drop me a line if you think my style fits your project!


Select Clients

The Washington Post, Air BnB, Uber, Eventbrite, Disney, TD Bank, TimeOut NY, Fonts.com, Department of Transportation, Red Light Management, Staples, Fulcrum Publishing, Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine


Creativ Paper - http://www.creativpaper.com/journal/alex-asfour-interview

The New Art Times - http://www.thenewarttimes.com/alex